Below are a list of teachers, healers and dear friends that have helped me along my journey.

Dr. Trish Baitinger, Chiropractor

Radiance Chiropractic Healing

Village Wellness Center, Berwyn


Dr. Trish Baitinger is a Master Healer.  In the Highest way, Dr. Trish uses her spiritually centered empathic gifts and deep knowledge of the physical and energetic system to encourage balance on all levels.  Being in her presence is like sitting in the lap of the Divine Mother.

Kathryn Bohn, Modern Oracle

Bohn Soulwork

Kathryn Bohn is a gifted Spiritual Intuitive and sacred artist. Kathryn holds a Pristine connection to the Divine.  Kathryn uses her diverse healing tools, unlimited compassion, beautiful enthusiasm and sense of humor in a space of non judgment for each client. Profound shifts are experienced with each of Kathryn's sessions.

Wendy Harvill, Master Light Weaver

In the Light of the Angels

Wendy Harvill is a compassionate, empathic and powerful healer.  She uses her healing gifts through the beautiful tool of Light Weaving, which allows the Angelic Realm to use Wendy as an instrument of healing.  Wendy's passion, devotion and service to the Divine and to people here on this Earth is truly beautiful.

Marnie Greenberg, Master Intuitive

Marnie Greenberg is an author and Co-Leader and Co-Creator of the ground breaking Yuen Method. Marnie uses her beautiful enthusiasm and compassion and incredibly gifted intuition to pinpoint unseen blocks and resolve them.


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