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We're in the midst of some big shifts on our Earth right now and I can feel a genuine pull towards a Unity Consciousness so I am offering here some experiences I have been having around that.

I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering program – online. Sadhguru is a yogi and living master in my opinion. He shares his wisdom to any willing to listen to live an easier, love filled life. He is a genuine humanitarian and has created programs and organizations to support adults and children alike. He lives life to the fullest and lives his best life every moment of every day (check out his work should you feel the pull There are two pieces that I wanted to share today that I have learned from him. One, upon waking, I find gratitude that I made it to another day and I say, “Today I will create a loving world.” To be honest, I don’t always remember this activity first thing. It’s getting easier, however, and I do find those words in the beginning of the day as well as through the day, especially if I meet challenging situations.

The second is a little less simple. He explains that each of us is responsible for everything. We are used to the idea that responsibility implies fault, blame or something we must act upon, sometimes leaving us feeling weighted and trapped. Responsibility is the ability to respond. We all have this ability. We all can choose to take action or not take action. Being responsible for all things allows a freedom. We can choose TO or choose NOT TO take action, but we are each responsible for everything, even something that happens in another town, state or country.

I remember Sadhguru saying that it’s easy to create a loving world when things are going well. How do we respond when there is a challenge? During the days of these lectures I was watching and listening to, I was challenged many times in very unique ways.

One particular instance was just after teaching one of my yoga classes. I walked out of the studio and there was a man standing on the sidewalk. We made eye contact and I knew something was about to unfold. He walked up to me and gave me his story: he, his wife and child are from another state doing missionary work and have run out of money. Do I have anything to give him so they can have some lunch? There are so many ways to respond to this.

Hand over money.

Walk away.

Have a conversation.

I wrestled with old way of saying no to those who ask for donations (I know. It’s not what Jesus would do). 'It doesn’t feel safe.' 'How do I know he’s telling the truth?' This old feeling of ‘humans are untrustworthy' came in. I could feel Sadhguru in my minds’ eye saying, “How do you choose to respond?” I didn’t want to hand the money over immediately and I didn’t want to walk away, so I chose a conversation to get clarity. We spoke a few sentences together. I checked in on my heart (it is my guidance system and always gives me clear answers) while he was talking. I was getting a no, do not give him money. Ugh. Here I am having a conversation with this man and explaining why I can’t give him money. It felt terrible. I know my explanation wasn’t traditional. I knew he might not believe me either. He then pulled out his phone and began citing biblical references explaining where I am not clear. This fueled my frustration a bit but I remained calm and continued with our discussion. During our conversation, we offered our truths to one another and responded to each others’ truths. There was a point where both of us were frustrated and both of us considered ending the conversation and walking away. I kept checking in with my heart. My intuition told me he was telling the truth. 'No' was the answer I kept getting. Ugh. It would have been so much easier to have given him money, offer kind words and move on with each of our days. To give further information, he was an African American male dressed in clothing that represented who he was proud to be within his race and faith. He brought up the subject of race. Part of me wanted to run away from this uncomfortable discourse, but I wanted to see this through. I remember saying ‘It’s time for us to no longer see race, religion, sexuality, gender,’ meaning, seeing everyone with honor and respect and as a human being without all the labels attached. I said, ‘Don’t you think this is happening now?’ (that many people are beginning to see all the imbalances within our culture and finding acceptance). He softened. I softened. We both started to become clear about this conversation. He felt guided to talk to me and I felt guided to have a conversation with him. A white-suburban-woman-modern mystic-yoga teaching-mother sharing a conversation with an African American-man-biblically based Christian-father. We each held such different truths. In the end we were able to accept each other, knowing we were each coming from a loving space, and walk away feeling clean. We pounded it (giggle) and then hugged. I never was given the ok to give him money, but don’t think I didn’t get in my car and not pray that his needs were met. I did. This all happened a few weeks ago and I’ve been sifting through it since.

As humans, we are all so different. We’re so fortunate when we find a “tribe” of people to resonate. The question is how do we respond to the people who act or think outside of our mindset? If we all were to take the idea that we are, individually, responsible for all things then there would be no blame or fault. Blame says I am not free to take action, but you should. We all have differing opinions and ideas of sexuality, gender, politics, religions, spirituality, race, etc. There is NO way we will all think the same and there is NO right way either. We each have our own truths. We are all responsible for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and every wonderful or challenging SITUATION. It is for each of us to decide on what action to TAKE or NOT TAKE as well as OWN our choices. Feeling responsible for all things allows for a freedom and a unity consciousness that is unparalleled to any we have been able to accomplish thus far.

If you’d like to participate in this activation with me, drop it into your own guidance system to see if it feels right for you.

Run your fingers up and down your spine strengthening your midline. Midline - STRONG

“If it is for my Highest and Best Good, I delete all inside and outside blame, fault, guilt, grief, anger and shame that has been placed on me either from myself, individuals, the Collective and/or our ancestors, as appropriate if appropriate, regarding race, gender, sexuality, religion, political affiliation, etc. (add in more labels if you wish) down to zero minus infinity, deleting it out of my body, mind and spirit. I am responsible for all things – STRONG. I have the freedom of choice to take any action or no action – STRONG. I am sovereign, free and independent – STRONG.”

And then say it with me. “Today I will create a loving world.” Sending each of you tons of love.

And so it is.

*** I am in the process of writing a book that elaborates on this idea. With some divine intervention, time as well as divine inspiration it will be accomplished!

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