For a while I was feeling down and never knew what was wrong and I was always sad.  I would have crazy mood swings and I couldn't explain why.  I finally told my mom about it and Ellen helped and figured out why I was sad and she lifted a bunch of weight off of me.  After she talked to me I felt much better and I'm not even sad anymore.  I really think Ellen helped me and made me feel much better.

A.J., age 13

Working with Ellen has completely changed my life for the better.  The empathy, understanding and true love and concern to heal others is evident in Ellen and felt during our sessions.  She has helped set the foundation for healing in so many aspects of my life and I would highly recommend working with her to anyone!

Alyssa C.

My life has been both transformed and enriched as a result of Ellen's practices.  Her unique teachings and powerful spiritual insights have consistently been on target, enabling my release of negative energy and restoring peace to my being.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for wisdom and peace.

G. Drages

The enlightenment and peace I have received from this intuitive being has been immeasurable and has brought so much joy to my soul.  You will walk away with an unmeasurable gift of Light and Love.  Thank you Ellen for sharing your gift.

Kathy B.

I'm so grateful for these testimonies.  If you'd like to add yours, please send one over through my contacts tab.  Much gratitude!